Last Lap: Have You Listened to the Exclusive Premiere of Trey Songz’s “TRIGGA”?

What is the new hair trend that is sweeping Hip Hop right now? The death toll rises at Electric Daisy Carnival and how many stacks did a mega Bob Dylan fan drop for a piece of paper?

  • Hip Hop is proving that blondes have more fun. After a slew of style risks this year, Kid Cudi is pushing the envelope again by dying his hair bleach blond. He may not be the first to do it but he definitely makes it look good. [Rap-Up]
  • Get the exclusive first listen of Trey Songz’s sixth studio album, “TRIGGA” right here. The album is available in stores on July 1.
  • A second death has been reported at Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas. The horrible news surrounds a 25-year-old who was reported to be unresponsive on Saturday, following up an earlier death of a 24-year-old on Friday night. [NME]
  • Sotheby’s auction house broke a record on Tuesday for selling Bob Dylan’s draft manuscript for “Like a Rolling Stone” for $2.045 million dollars. The manuscript was four pages long and contained notes and doodles providing a few peeks into the mind of the legendary Bob Dylan. [Buzzfeed]

[Photo credit: Getty images]