Don’t Judge A Book: 20 Fantastic Classic Albums With Truly Terrible Cover Art

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Our mother always said: looks aren’t important, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. That’s why we gave these AMAZING classic albums a chance, even though their cover art kind of looked like hell.

We’re not trying to take away from the fundimental brilliance of discs like The Beach BoysPet Sounds, David Bowie’s Diamond Dogs, or Radiohead’s Pablo Honey. In fact, the music is so incredible that it completely overshadows the ridiculous sleeves. The tunes are so strong that you don’t even think about the cover anymore. You probably don’t even realize that art for The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour’s is pretty bogus. But it’s just one of many legendary rock records that are saddled with whack artwork.

Head up to the gallery above for 20 albums we will always cherish, despite their truly terribly covers that hurt our souls as well as our eyes. But they beat the odds and live on as generation-defining must-haves. These beloved classics may sound great, but kind of look like sh-t.

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