Fisticuffs, Cricket Bat Attacks And 10 Bands That Came To Blows To Settle Their Differences

Since Elvis Presley sneered not to mess with his “Blue Suede Shoes,” fighting and rock n’ roll have gone together like whiskey and a beer chaser. The music’s natural tendency towards rebellion and bravado demand almost make it mandatory. Some bands are known for feuding with other musicians, some for getting into fisticuffs with audience members and then there are those who take inter-band squabbles into the physical arena and settling their differences, artistic or otherwise, with their mitts.

From The Who to Slipknot, boys will be boys and let their fists do the talking. Though it’s not just boys who do it, as the violent implosion of girl-group Danity Kane shows us. Check out 10 bands that came to blows and hear them talk about what happened and see the fight recaps in the videos below.

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