Miley Cyrus Not Amused As Questionable Spring Break Photos Surface Of Boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger

Hitting spring break while having a a significant other may not be the best idea. It seems like Miley Cyrus’ boyfriend Patrick Schwarzenegger is learning this lesson the hard way. The 21-year-old spent his spring vacation south of the border in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Pictures soon leaked online of the Terminator’s son getting a bit too close to a girl with no resemblance to Miley.

Soon after the release of the pics, Schwarzenegger took to his Twitter to deny, deny, and deny some more. Letting the world know that the girl seen in the pictures was just a friend of another friend, and that “Girls have guy friends and guys have friends that are girls…” What’s Miley’s take on the entire situation? She also responded to the rumors via social media, but not in the manner you might think.

Watch as The Gossip Table reveal Miley’s response and whether or not they think Patrick is telling the truth.

[Photo: Getty Images]