A Complete Index Of Celebrity Sex Tapes

From Minka Kelly to Kim Kardashian, it's all here.

We’re not sure what it is, but there’s something in the water in Hollywood. Celebs of all kinds have made sex tapes. Whether its reality stars (ahem, Kim Kardashian and Farrah Abraham) or TV stars (we’re looking at you, Minka Kelly), they all pressed record on their camera. Here’s a listing of all the major celebrity sex tapes organized in alphabetical order by last name. The list includes masturbation, BJs, threesomes, political fallout and a limp bizkit.

And PS- if we’ve learned anything from these celeb sex tapes, it’s that they will always catch up with you one way or another. Just ask Margeaux from Love & Hip Hop Atlanta, who knew about her husband Nikko’s sex tape before it even came out.

  1. Farah Abraham

    2013: The MTV personality announced that she had filmed a sex tape with porn star/actor James Deen. She claimed the video is a celebration of her body and nothing more.

  2. Pamela Anderson

    1998: The honeymoon Pamela and her then-husband Tommy Lee was captured on camera by the couple and later leaked online by Internet Entertainment Group. It’s one of the first online celeb sex tape scandals. 2005: A DVD of Pamela and Bret Michaels was released.

  3. Tyson Beckford

    2012: The model jerked off in a chat room that was captured on camera and subsequently shopped around. But no one bought it.

  4. Dustin Lance Black

    2009: Perez Hilton posted a video of the Milk screenwriter having unprotected sex with an unidentified man.

  5. Mei-feng Chu

    2001: A camera secretly captured the Taipei City Councilwoman having sex with a married man. After the tape was released by local paparazzi, Mei-feng quit her job and left the country.

  6. Daniela Cicarelli

    2006: A video of the MTV Brasil host and her boyfriend having sex on the beach was shown on the TV show Dolce Vita before making its way to the internet.

  7. Tulisa Contostavlos

    2012: In a video, supposedly leaked by her ex-boyfriend Justin Edwards showed the X Factor judge giving a blow job to rapper.

  8. Dustin Diamond

    2006: The Saved By The Bell star released his own, authorized sex tape in an effort to boost his career.

  9. Fred Durst

    2005: A video of the Limp Bizkit frontman and a woman having sex made its way to the internet after it was stolen off his computer by a repairman.

  10. John Edwards

    2010: The former Senator and Presidential candidate filmed himself having sex with his mistress Rielle Hunter, who was reportedly pregnant with his child at the time. The tape was discovered by a former aide and led to the fallout of his political career.

  11. Colin Farrell

    2006: Even though he tried to block the distribution of a 13-minute sex tape of him and Nicole Narain, it leaked online.

  12. Montana Fishburne

    2010: The daughter of Laurence Fishburne was the subject of a sex tape leaked by Freaky Empire. It showed her and porn star Brian Pumper having sex. It’s a bizarre one because Montana is also a porn star.

  13. Tonya Harding

    1994: Penthouse released the sex tape of former Olympic ice skater and her ex-husband Jeff Gillooly that allegedly took place on their wedding night. It didn’t. It was a Halloween costume.

  14. Keeley Hazell

    2007: The British Page Three model made a sex tape with her ex-boyfriend Lloyd Miller that was later leaked online.

  15. Paris Hilton

    2004: The 1 Night In Paris everyone remembers and tries hard to forget. Hilton and Rick Salomon recorded themselves having sex using the night vision setting on the camera. The film helped catapult Hilton into worldwide fame and she not receives profits from the video.

  16. Hulk Hogan

    2012: A low quality film surfaced on the internet showing the professional and his ex-wife going at it.

  17. Nazril aka Ariel Ihram

    2011: After two videos surfaced showing the Indonesian pop star and his girlfriends at the time, the singer was sentenced to 3 1/2 years in prison for violating an anti-pornography law.

  18. Jeremy Jackson

    2008: The Baywatch star and porn actress Sky Lopez were the subjects of a sex tape that was made for sale.

  19. Eve Jeffers

    2001: The question of the leaked video of the rapper and former boyfriend Stevie J is who was behind it. Stevie was longed believe to have leaked it out of spite but the theory is one of the rapper’s friends put it out there.

  20. Kim Kardashian

    2007: Kardashian has the sex tape with Ray J to thank for putting her on the map. It’s among the more infamous tapes to turn a socialite into a media darling / reality star. She sued Vivid Entertainment for ownership of the tape but ended up settling for a cool $5 million.

  21. Minka Kelly

    2012: The ex-boyfriend of the former Friday Nights Lights star tried to sell a tape of the two made in New Mexico.

  22. Jayne Kennedy

    1983??: The actress, model and former Miss Ohio is believed to be the first subject of a celebrity sex tape scandal. While Pamela Anderson’s was the first of the online era, Jayne’s is the first of any kind when the homemade video was stolen from her house. Apparently the video involved fisting.

  23. Joan aka Chyna Laurer

    2004: The professional wrestler solicited the home sex tape of her and Sean Waltman. The video was eventually distributed as 1 Night In China.

  24. Jenna Lewis

    2004: A 42-minute video of the Survivor contestant and husband model Travis Wolfe on their wedding night was leaked.

  25. Jennifer Lopez

    1997: One of the few tapes that didn’t actually make its way online. The video is of Jennifer and her former husband Ojani Noa. Jennifer prevented its release in 2009 but the case was dismissed in 2011.

  26. Rob Lowe

    1988: Rob’s career was almost destroyed when a tape leaked showing the actor having sex with two unidentified women, one of whom was underage at the time. The sex was filmed the night before the Democratic National Convention in Atlanta, GA. 1988: The same tape also contained another night of sex with his friend Justin Moritt and a model named Jennifer. This video was one of the first commercially available sex tapes.

  27. Bam Margera

    2011: While there were rumors of a sex tape with Bam and Lynn Smigo it wasn’t until years later that a real one came out with the MTV personality and his former fiancé Jenn Rivell.

  28. Carolyn Murphy

    2006: Despite getting arrested while trying to sell a sex tape of him and the Project Runway All Stars host, the video still leaked to the internet.

  29. Vince Neil

    1999: Even though the video was made in 1993, it found its way online when the same company responsible for Pamela’s sex tape released a copy. The video featured the former Motley Crue singer and porn star Janine Lindemulder having a threesome with another woman.

  30. Carrie Prejean

    2009: The former Miss USA contestant who became the subject of a media controversy when she answered a question about same-sex marriage had a sex tape of hers stolen. The video may or may not be a true sex tape since she was alone on screen.

  31. Kid Rock

    2006: Kid Rock and Scott Stapp recorded themselves engaged in sexual acts with four female groupies. The two singers were successfully able to stop the distribution of the sex tape.

  32. Gene Simmons

    2008: The publicity stunt sex tape featured the aging rock star and a blonde beauty who was not his wife.

  33. Tom Sizemore

    2005: The actor, who has become more famous for his struggles with drugs and alcohol than his work, released his own DVD of hardcore footage.

  34. Tila Tequila

    2014: When the reality star wasn’t busy denying the Holocaust or donning Nazi uniforms, Tequila apparently had time to film multiple sex tapes. One was an official porn while the other was done with her boyfriend as a “sequel.”

  35. Verne Troyer

    2008: Ranae Shrider leaked the footage of her and the actor to TMZ but was unable to cut a deal for a longer DVD version.

  36. Catalina White

    2009: The former WWE, Maxim model filmed a sex tape with porn star Justice Young.

  37. Kendra WIlkinson

    2010: A video filmed of the Playboy model when she was just 18 leaked to the internet despite attempts by Kendra to block its release.

For those of you who were hoping for links (or video!) of these incidents, our sincerest apologies. If you really want to see them, most of them are just a Google search away.