Demi Lovato Celebrates 4/20 by Reminding Us That She Smoked Pot with Joe Jonas

Who else is celebrating today?

In the words of my personal prophet and spirit animal Cher Horowitz, it is one thing to spark up a doobie and get laced at parties, but it is quite another to be fried all day. But if there was one day to spend fried, it would be 4/20.

April 20th is a day beloved by stoners worldwide. And some of those stoners happen to be our favorite stars. Let’s see how they’re celebrating. One thing’s for sure: I bet they’re super hungry.

Even now sober Demi Lovato looked back on 4/20s past, spent blazing with…Joe Jonas?
Miley Cyrus (you knew our girl would be on this list) is celebrating the only way she knows how: with bongs and pasties.
And she’s posting some fine art.
Seth Rogen is having a pretty OK time.
Rihanna is at a 4/20 wedding because of course she is.
You know what Snoop’s up to.
Birdman is having a swell day.
Tommy Chong started early.
Writer/director/stoner icon Kevin Smith is getting deep.
Dax Shepard and Kristen Bell made it a family affair.