Manicures on Fleek: The Best Nails from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

And you'll never guess the theme this year...

When we were at the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta season four reunion, we took pictures from head to toe, and we really mean that. While you’ll have a chance to see the best hair, makeup, and wardrobes, it’s time to peek at what their nails were working with.

  • 1 Ariane Pops in Yellow
    Everyone loves Ariane for her throwback classic style that manages to throw in a little fun here and there.

  • 2 Margeaux, Yassss.
    From her shaved head to her toned-down makeup, Margeaux was looking all sorts of natural at the reunion and we loved it.

  • 3 Karlie’s Bling
    Shining bright, Miss Karlie Redd.

  • 4 Low Key Joseline
    The Puerto Rican Princess took a cue from Margeaux and had a toned down manicure at this year’s reunion.

  • 5 Erica Dixon
    Okay, the theme definitely was pink this year.

  • 6 Those Toes, Deb
    Deb might put up a front as a serious businesswoman, but she can still have some fun blinging out her toes.

  • 7 Dawn’s Nails Probably Weighed More Than Her Dress

  • 8 Bambi Also Joined the Pretty in Pink Crowd

  • 9 But Ashley Nicole’s Purple Everything Seriously Gave Us Life

  • 10 KD Loves A Nude Nail Too!

  • 11 Momma Dee’s Nails Matched Her Man and her Dress!

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