The Best Memes from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Season Four Finale

Nothing like going out with a bang, right?

In this week’s season four finale of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Stevie finally gave Jessica Dime a piece of his mind, Karlie and Joseline came to blows, and Momma Dee walked down the aisle, again. While it may seem that everything ended on a high note, you’re not gonna want to miss the two-part reunion special starting next week, to see what happened after the season stopped rolling! In the meanwhile, we have to recap the best memes from the finale episode and they were just as shady as ever.

  • 1 After Dime Tried to Pull One Over on Mimi it Was Kind of Like…

  • 2 Stevie Also Asked Mimi to Move to LA with Him…Eva, We Feel You

  • 3 And Karlie and Joseline Had Their Fight

  • 4 Of Course, Karlie Ain’t Know What She Did Wrong

  • 5 But Alas

  • 6 There Were Some Questionable Style Moments at the Wedding

  • 7 Like Wut?

  • 8 People Weren’t Exactly Letting Deb Live Down Her Hair Style

  • 9 Dead.

  • 10 Okay Deb, Do Yourself a Favor…

  • 11 And Those Horns…

  • 12 And In the End, the Bam Moved in with Scrappy…We Think?

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