The Sexiest Beards In Music

Why hello there, gentlemen!

Muscles are great, but sexy facial hair–from beards to shadows to goatees–can make the difference between a guy staying in the friend zone or being best friends 4eva with benefits. Musicians, in particular, understand this, or maybe they just like a nice frame for their singing holes. Either way, we’ve done some heavy investigation on the sexiest beads in the music industry. You’re very welcome.

  • 1 Common
    Getty Images
    He always makes sure his beard is on fleek for his next acting gig.

  • 2 Trey Songz
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    This lady’s man has a great smile and he knows it, so he makes sure his facial hair doesn’t get in the way. We appreciate your effort, Trey.

  • 3 Usher
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    We remember when his facial hair was mere baby scruff, but Mr. Raymond is all man now, and so is his beard.

  • 4 Ebro
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    Some may call him a troll, but who really cares with a beard like that?

  • 5 Chris Brown
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    So, we can’t actually call this a beard, but his chin hair is cute AF.

  • 6 August Alsina
    Getty Images
    TBH we don’t really care if this qualifies as a beard or not. We love whatever the hell is going on on his chin.

  • 7 Hozier
    Our You Oughta Know artist doesn’t just have a sexy man-bun, he’s got a beard to match.

  • 8 Drake
    Getty Images
    Lately, the 6ix God’s beard is on it’s best behavior.

  • 9 Method Man
    Getty Images
    Here’s a throwback beard for you. It’s probably safe to say that he started the entire sexy beard trend.

  • 10 Jidenna
    Getty Images
    What’s a classic man without a beard like that? Props to Jidenna, for mixing up this list with the only red beard.

  • 11 Adam Levine
    Getty Images
    Let’s go ahead and thank Adam’s whatever-o’clock shadow for Maroon 5’s success.

  • 12 Justin Timberlake
    Getty Images
    This blonde bombshell arguably has one of the best beards in music. #TeamShadow

  • 13 Omarion
    Getty Images
    Faux beard or not, you’re lying to yourself if you say it’s not cute.

  • 14 Loon
    Getty Images
    Remember Loon from the Harlem World days? We don’t either, but we remember that beard.

  • 15 Kendrick Lamar
    Getty Images
    Something about how natural and unkempt his beard is straight up sexy. Don’t deny it.

  • 16 Treach
    Getty Images
    Treach comes in for our second throwback beard. His super-groomed beard has always been just enough to make the ladies love it.

  • 17 Billy Ray Cyrus
    Getty Images
    Go ahead give us the side-eye. Before Miley was anything, her dad was gracing every country music stage with his charming goatee.

  • 18 The Game
    Getty Images
    Let’s just say we’re jealous that the ladies of She’s Got Game have the opportunity to get up close and personal with that beard.

  • 19 50 Cent
    Getty Images
    We’re just happy he didn’t shave an Effen Vodka logo into his beard. Not yet, at least.

  • 20 Miguel
    Getty Images
    Who doesn’t love Miguel? If we could be a beard for a day, it would be his.

  • 21 Ice Cube
    Getty Images
    After N.W.A it was really Cube’s beard that pushed his movie career along. #DadBeard

  • 22 Calvin Harris
    Getty Images
    The blond beard gang continues and we’re here for it.

  • 23 Zayn Malik
    Getty Images
    Who needs One Direction, with facial hair like that?

  • 24 John Legend
    Getty Images
    Yes, he has a baby face. But, his hot beard makes us love all of him.

  • 25 Blake Shelton
    Getty Images
    The Voice judge should judge a show called “The Beard” because not many beards can compete with his.

  • 26 Tim Mcgraw
    Getty Images
    Tim is bae. Point, blank, period. His beard with those hats he always wears makes us feel some type of way.

  • 27 Joe Budden
    Say what you want, but this is one of the greatest beards in music history. Don’t front.

  • 28 Joe Jonas
    Getty Images
    As 1/3 of the Jonas Brothers, he holds his weight in facial hair sexiness.

  • 29 Nick Jonas
    Getty Images
    Joe’s little brother, Nick, is on another level of sultry thanks to his beard.

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