The Flawless and Tragic Hair Moments from the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reunion

They can't all be on fleek...

At the Love & Hip Hop Atlanta reunion, some of your favorite stars may have looked flawless but that wasn’t without effort. These VH1 ladies and gents got to the reunion bright and early in the morning to make sure that their look was to die for—and yes that included their hair. From the killer honey blonde locks to the tragic lacefronts, we have exclusive pics of all the hair do’s…and don’ts from the season four reunion.

  • 1 Ashley Nicole’s Statement Piece at This Year’s Reunion was Her Purple Weave
    While you may not have seen much of her towards the end of the season, she came back with a bang…and a purple lip to match.

  • 2 In a Similar Shade, Jessica Dime Continued to Rock Her Signature Pink
    Nothing was disrespectful about this!

  • 3 The Puerto Rican Princess Had Some Killer Extensions
    Joseline has grown so much since season one, guys!

  • 4 There’s a Good and a Bad Way to Do Clip-Ins…
    And Rasheeda has definitely evolved into completely nailing it.

  • 5 We Were Living for Erica’s Au Naturel Hair
    Erica’s a pro at this point and won’t let us forget it.

  • 6 Ariane is a Remixed Finger Wave Goddess and Gave Us Life
    We’re convinced that DJ Toni K’s boo can’t do any wrong.

  • 7 Honey Blonde Killer Over Here!
    Momma Dee has really found her throne and these locks prove it! She did the perfect amount of color by stopping short of her roots and really couldn’t have had a more perfect do.

  • 8 The Foxx’s Wig Was a Perfect Mixture of Punk Meets Class
    And doesn’t she just look like a too-cute overall package here?

  • 9 Okay, But Really Sina Bina’s Extensions Are Right Around 30 Inches at This Point
    Baby Mama #4 took simplistic and added about 20 inches to it.

  • 10 The Cut On Karlie’s Lacefront was Pretty Fly
    It was like 80% there to being on Momma Dee’s level, but still a great look.

  • 11 Mimi Tried The Same Thing Too
    If Karlie was 80%, than Mimi was 60%. We think that Eva’s mommy still looked pretty good but we’ve always been a fan of her dark-colored locks.

  • 12 Margeaux Silenced All the Haters with a Fierce Decision
    People had their snide comments about her hair all season, so Margeaux proved she can slay without any at all.

  • 13 Khadiyah Took Off Her Handful of “Professional Hats” and Left Us with….Decent
    It definitely wasn’t bad, but the glam outfit really needed hair that was just as fly.

  • 14 Kalenna Was Looking So Sleek
    After rising like a phoenix from the ashes, Kalenna came ready to show everyone that she is now all business.

  • 15 Sorry Erica, But it Don’t Look Like No Horse Hair to Us
    On a real note, we were definitely feeling what Bambi was working with.

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