15 Instagram Pets Living a Life Way Cooler than Yours

No filter needed.

By Colleen Thornhill

Thanks to about 20 filters, 15 styling tools, and infinite editing apps, anyone can take a picture, post it to Instagram, and make his or her life go from everyday ordinary to “my life is so amazing be jealous” status in minutes. Yet no matter how many filters you use, there’s one category of Instagram accounts you’re never going to beat: freakin’ adorable pets. Oh, you got an iced coffee today and used Rise to enhance the subtle notes of almond milk? Sorry, it’s not nearly as cool as Toast the Dog chillin’ in New York City with her French latte. And that chopped salad you used Lo-Fi on to bring out the contrast in the leafy greens? It doesn’t even stand up to Doug the Pug’s visit to Gino’s Steaks in Philly. In fact, you should just give up while you’re ahead. Instagram pets are the new standard of amazing living. So forget the filters, these are some Instagram pets whose lives you’ll never upstage.

  • @JiffPom
    With over one million followers, this little Pomeranian attracts fans looking for a pic everywhere he goes. Hollywood loves him. Here he is with Victoria Justice, but he’s taken snaps with everyone from Rita Ora to Chrissy Teigen and John Legend. Oh and he even got a private book reading from Neil Patrick Harris. Who have you hung out with today?

  • @pudgethecat
    You know your Instagram is on fleek when the newspaper features a story about you. Pudge is practically the MVP of @cats_of_instagram and is the main attraction at cat events around town (yes, people line up to meet cats). She even has her own calendar, which means Pudge is probably making more money than you. And me. Combined.

  • @mingey
    Amanda Seyfried’s dog Finn is one of the most gorgeous mammals on Instagram right now, canine or otherwise. He’s so nice to look at he even got his own spread in Elle UK. So, his best friend is Amanda Seyfried and he’s a model. This one hurts a little.

  • @itsdougthepug
    If there were a pug high school, Doug would be Prom King. Pug Super Bowl? Quarterback. Pug Oscars? Best Actor. What I’m saying is Doug is the coolest pug that ever existed. Here he is soaking up 4th of July rays at an amazing rage of a concert, because he’s the type of dog that goes to concerts. He also specializes in re-enactments of movies, TV shows, and music videos. I still can’t decide if “Hit Me Baby One More Time” or “All the Single Ladies” is his best work.

  • @prissy_pig
    Priscilla and Poppleton have over 500,000 Instagram followers. That’s right, two pigs have 5,000 times more followers than you. Why? Because their whole life is one big Party in the USA: relaxing at the beach, sipping cocktails on the boardwalk, and rockin’ kicks and a cardigan. These piglets have enough outfits to rival Miss Piggy’s entire run on The Muppets.

  • @therealwacha
    Sure, you may watch Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live every night, but have you ever actually been to the show? Wacha Cohen, dog of host Andy Cohen, gets to attend every episode. That means he meets all the clubhouse guests, from Kim Kardashian to Liam Neeson. And when Andy takes a weekend break in the Hamptons, guess who his travel buddy is? Not a bad life for a dog. Or a human.

  • @iamlilbub
    Lil Bub is a magical cat (according to her Insta bio) that specializes in #tongueouttuesday. Like @pudgethecat, Lil Bub has her own calendar, but she’s also got an entire line of other specialty products. Do you have your own bobble head? Didn’t think so. It makes you question your life choices when a cat has more business savvy than you.

  • @toastmeetsworld
    Who knew being the dog of another Instagram sensation could be so sweet? Josh “The Fat Jew” Ostrovsky’s Toast “swalks” through the streets of New York, drinks Perrier poolside, and even met Pope Francis (well, sort of) on a visit to the Vatican. Rescued from a puppy mill, Toast has certainly earned her life of leisure.

  • @mensweardog
    From James Bond-worthy tuxedos to Top Gun aviators, this suave dog takes #ootd to a whole new level. If you’re using that hashtag (“outfit of the day” for those who don’t know), just stop. You can’t compete with this pooch. He even has his own fashion book, which really beats your “My Style” board on Pinterest. Sorry.

  • @buddyboowaggytails
    Boo met and was held by One Direction’s Liam Payne. I’m not really sure what more I could say here to prove her life is definitely way cooler than yours.

  • @luketailwagger
    Luke is relatively new to the Instagram game, but he’s taking it by storm. Whether he’s rocking cozy onesies or cruising through California on his dad’s bike, he’s always looking fly. The force is undoubtedly strong with this one.

  • @marniethedog
    Marnie is the original celebrity dog. Everybody wants to know her and everybody wants to be her. With just the tilt of her head and a misplaced tongue, she can charm anyone, whether it’s Laverne Cox or Aaron Paul. Don’t try these tricks at home. Unless you’re Marnie, you won’t be able to pull it off.

  • @thiswildidea
    If you think your life is one of adventure, try competing with this dog. With photos taken in nature-ific spots all across the U.S., his Instagram is like a Woody Guthrie song in picture form. Here he is taking a dip in the waters of Tennessee. Skinny dipping has never looked so serene.

  • @nevillejacobs
    It must be hard to be the dog of Marc Jacobs and get to hang out with models all the time. Going for walks in SoHo, being biffles with Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, getting featured on billboards…just kidding, his life is totally amazing.

  • @picklebeholding
    Miss Pickle puts all your artsy posts to shame. She’s a true connoisseur of fine art and her pictures prove it. This French Bull Dog doesn’t need a filter to create art, because she is art.