These Classy Underboob Moments Prove It Needs to Become a Widespread Trend

Bring 'em out with pride, ladies.

Not everyone can pull the underboob off. If you show too little, it’s like, WTF is the point, actually? If you show too much, it’s just flat-out boob, which is nothing a simple Google search couldn’t show you. Luckily, these celebs have showed us how to do the underboob and how to do it right. Let’s validate the underboob, now and forever.

  • 1 Kendall Jenner’s underboobs just swaying in the breeze along with her goddess-like hair.

  • 2 Here’s Karlie Kloss’ runway chic underboob.

  • 3 Rihanna is giving us total yet slightly mysterious boob, with shimmery flawlessness.
    Underboob to the Nth degree.

  • 4 Naya Rivera and her underboob just popping out to say hi.
    Here for that.

  • 5 Here’s Nina Adgal with her low-key, yet totally hot underboob.
    “Oh, this? Just my amazing underboob, NBD.”

  • 6 Kate Upton is mostly serving up bountiful cleave, but this still counts IMO.
    I mean, I still see some great underboob.

  • 7 Bey’s barely-there underboob is slay AF.
    Did you expect anything less?

  • 8 And lastly, J. Lo and the most iconic underboob of all time.
    Can’t and won’t be outdone.

Pizza is bae. And yes, I still say bae.