Aside From Beyoncé, Who Is Having The Best Week Ever?

How did your #BestDipEver turn out? Doesn’t really matter, it still had the Best Week Ever last week, and you can’t take that away from it.

This week, we’ve got some SuperBowl leftovers (although we don’t really recommend you eat the dip leftover…) whose Super Bowl splashes carried them over to this week.

So tell us, Pete Lee, Adam Conover, Nick Turner & JC Coccoli, who is having the Best Week Ever?

Are Bane & The Superdome having the Best Week Ever?

This year’s Super Bowl provided us with a few things: an undying love for Beyoncé, an amazing dip recipe and knowledge about who actually played in the Bowl. Not to mention, rumors that Beyoncé BROKE THE LIGHTS further proves her royalty, and because of that, we suspect that The Superdome and Bane are both having the Best Week Ever. Lights out!


Is The US Postal Service having the Best Week Ever?

Penpals beware, the US Postal Service is taking (another) day off. Pretty crappy for all those letters you’ve been meaning to send, but pretty AWESOME for those Mailmen and Mailwomen who get their Saturdays back! Woo-hoo!


Is Edgar Allen Poe having the Best Week Ever?

A stretch sure, but because the Baltimore Ravens won the Super Bowl, we’re just assuming that the ghost of Edgar Alle Poe (“quoth the raven”) is having his Best Week Ever. Or maybe he had that when he was still alive? Who knows! We’re just listening to Nick Turner. 


So, Tell Us:

Who’s Having The Best Week Ever?

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