We Doubt This Justin Bieber-Rihanna Rumor, But Here Are 10 Celebrity Love Triangles We Do Believe

This Life & Style headline about Rihanna being the real reason behind Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez’s breakup made us chuckle … at first. We really have a hard time believing that RiRi and Justin were seeing each other as far back as 2010 — when the Biebs looked practically prepubescent (no offense) — as L&S claims. (It’s much more believable now, though; have you seen these abs?)

  • Billy-Mary-Claire

  • Brandi-Eddie-Leann

  • Garth-Sandy-Trisha

  • JLo-Ojani-Puffy

  • Jen-Brad-Angie

  • Kanye-Amber-Kim-K

  • Marylin-Dita-Evan

  • Richie-Heather-Denise

  • Shar-Kevin-Britney

  • Swizz-Mashonda-Alicia

But the story did make us think back at a disturbing habit among famous folks: cheating on their significant others with other really famous folks. The Billy Crudup/Mary-Louise Parker/Claire Danes triangle always makes us cringe, for instance. And we really hope the stories of Swizz Beatz, ex-wife Mashonda and Alicia Keys weren’t entirely true.

This always seems worse than just plain cheating, because it gets splashed across that many more tabloids once it’s made public. And heaven forbid the cheater and new lover stay together and walk a million red carpets happily ever after! Well, just to contribute to that pain and shame, flip through the gallery above and check out the 10 celebrity cheaters who were hoping we’d forget these stories.

[Photos: Getty Images]