Grammys 2013: Our Picks For The 20 Worst Outfits Of The Evening

The Grammys are usually a night to dig deep into your wardrobe and bust out your very best for the cameras! Well, apparently some peeps didn’t get that part of the memo. While many A-listers strutted their stuff on the red carpet in their high fashion finery, there were folks who appeared to have lost a bet or something.

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We’re not being mean, we swear! But that seems to be the only way to explain why Kat Dennings wore a dress that seems to be made out of bubble wrap, John Mayer showed up in a Willy Wonka-style velvet blazer, one dude wore an astronaut’s space suit (this isn’t the VMAs!) and Redfoo…well, he was just Redfoo.

We’re not exactly style mavens, so we’re not hard to impress, guys! Just wear something black and it looks like moody classic haute courture to us. So don’t get all complicated with a zillion colors like Lila Downs, or a complicated pattern like Estelle’s gown. It just makes our eyes hurt and ends up giving us a headache. Not good.

So as a public service effort to make sure this never happens again, we’ve assembled the top 20 least impressive outfits from the 2013 Grammys. We hold no grudges against these celebs, even though Carrie Underwood’s appearance on the list kind of broke our hearts. It’s all just a case of bad clothes happening to good people. Head on up to the gallery above, observe and learn. Don’t get caught in their position!

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