Oh Look! It’s Madonna-Gaga! Or Magaga? Gadonna?

Now that the Grammys are done, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on one of our favorite stars who didn’t show up for the mega show. And we missed her amazo brand of crazy so very much. Lady Gaga — it ain’t a party without you. So, in nostalgia of Gaga Grammy moments past, we picked through her instagram¬†page and brought out a very recent pared down version of the singer — seen on the left — drinking what we hope is a really stiff martini. Compared to the one on the right, pulled out of our archive of her all dolled up drinking a dainty cup of tea. Just lovely. Except, as you’ve probably guessed by now (or not) — That ain’t Gaga on the left. It’s Madonna. Yes, we know. It’s like all their feuding made them morph into the same person, right? We don’t know whether it’s the angle, or the way her bangs are cut, but we really do think Madge is a shoe-in for Mother Monster, without the makeup and all the other frills, of course. The picture was posted on Madonna’s instagram page and was cheerfully captioned, “cheers motherf—s! I’m on instagram.” This is really, really, pushing it. But perhaps the “cheers motherf—s” is aimed at a certain Academy for totally snubbing her album MDNA? Wishful thinking on our part.

[Photo: Instagram/ Getty Images]