Jason Segel Has Written A Series Of Young Adult Novels

Whether you’ll forever be in love with Nick Andopolis or Marshall Eriksen, or happen to think Rush has produced the greatest songs in musical history (next to the soundtracks to A Taste For Love and The Muppets), Jason Segel’s increasingly diverse career path has something for everyone. And now, he’s expanding his resume once again.

Segel revealed he has written a series of three young adult novels, based on a script originally penned when he was 21 years old. The actor-screenwriter-occasional puppeteer was encouraged to speak about his book project by director Jonathan Demme, who hosted a Q&A following a screening of the 2008 film, Forgetting Sarah Marshall, at the Jacob Burns Film Center in Pleasantville, New York on Thursday night. As Segel tells it, he sold the script for “super cheap” because he “didn’t know any better” back then. It ultimately gathered dust on the Hollywood shelves for eight years before he was able to buy it back for the same price. “As I got more successful I kept hoping they wouldn’t realize I was the same Jason Segel as the Jason Segel they bought the script from,” he joked.

While not giving away too much, the proud Apatow associate exuded genuine excitement when talking about the project. “It’s about kids facing their biggest fears, that’s about all I can tell you,” he explained, adding we should expect a release later this year. There was no talk of title or character names, but Demme made a point to add that the forthcoming series is the subject of a “bidding war” among publishing houses vying to get him under their imprint. Clearly we aren’t the only ones who’ve been pining for Segel all this time.

[Photo: Getty Images]