QUIZ: What Dinosaur From Jurassic Park Are You?

Jurassic Park is back in the theaters, but this time the dinosaurs haven’t just been brought back to life–they’re living and breathing in 3D. But the question remains…what kind of dinosaur would you be if you were a resident of Jurassic Park?

Are you a T-Rex or a Brachiosaur? A Dilophosaurus or a Velociraptor? Take our in-depth Cosmopolitan-style personality quiz to find out!

1) When you see a hot dude at a bar, do you…

A) Wait for his move. You literally can’t do anything until he moves.

B) Get two of your gal pals to help give you the courage to talk to him. One will take his right side, the other his left, and you’ll pop up out of nowhere and pounce.

C) Walk slowly away from him until you’ve left the bar, walked down the street, and gotten home where you cry alone with a salad.

D) Make sexy eye contact and then shoot venom from your throat to blind him.


2) How would your friends describe you?

A) You’re kind of a loner. You don’t make friends easily because you’re so intimidating. Also, you lunge at anything that moves.

B) They would say that you were a clever girl.

C) You’re the best. You’re sweet and kind and don’t hurt anyone.

D) No one’s ever gotten close enough to be your friend and survive because you spray them with venom from your throat.


3) How physically fit would you say you are?

A) You’re pretty strong and can run for miles, but your arms need a little bit of toning.

B) You’re a lean, mean clawing machine.

C) You prefer walking and yoga to high intensity cardio, but you also suffer from bad sinuses.

D) You never worry about how fat or thin you are because you have a sack of venom in your throat.


4) What’s your ideal vacation?

A) Hanging out by a pool and eating lots of tasty things that used to be alive.

B) Going on an exotic African safari and hunting the other hunters.

C) Visiting a beautiful jungle where you eating a salad over which you cry. And then sleeping and having pleasant dreams about a salad that you eat while being happy.

D) Embarking on a road trip with someone whom you plan to murder by shooting venom from your throat.


5) A five dollar bill is in the middle of the street. What do you do?

A) Nothing, because you didn’t see the money fall, you have no idea it’s there.

B) You smell it and track the person who dropped it because he or she probably has more money you can steal from them.

C) You leave it on the ground because it’s not a piece of salad you can eat.

D) You use it to buy a small bag of chips and bottle of seltzer water at a bodega. Then you murder the old man running the bodega by shooting venom from your throat at him.


6) What’s your idea of a perfect evening?

A) On a rainy night, your date arrives at your doorstep in a high class SUV. You hear a blood-curdling scream and the game is on.

B) Hanging out in the kitchen with some children eating jello. You know, just play time.

C) You’d like to fall asleep standing up while eating a salad.

D) Every evening is a perfect evening when you have charm, good looks and a sack of venom in your throat.



Mostly A’s? You are a TYRANNOSAURUS REX.

You’re the king (or queen) of the primordial jungle. You don’t need friends and you don’t need upper body strength, either. You’ve got a jaw that can swallow a person whole, but sometimes you don’t see the larger picture in life because your vision is based on movement.

Mostly B’s? You are a VELOCIRAPTOR.


You’re very social, because you know the best way to destroy a person is to get close to them and outwit them. Also, you work well in teams when the goal is a common enemy. You’re extremely devious and clever, but you can be overconfident…because you’re just so perfect!

Mostly C’s? You are a BRACHIOSAUR.

You are a gentle giant. You’re probably a vegetarian and you probably have some sense of empathy for others. Sometimes you move too slowly through life – it could be depression or a lack of protein.

Mostly D’s…You are a DILOPHOSAURUS. 

Oh dear God, you have a sack of venom in your throat.

(P.S. if you weren’t able to finish this quiz due to crippling cramps or food poisoning, congratulations! You are a TRICERATOPS!)

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