I think SMASH might be on its way up after this week’s episode. There was a lot of drama, old-flame hook ups, and naked nightmares! Did Karen make a mistake by leaving Bombshell? Did you guys do your taxes? Did Tom hook up with “straight” Ellis? I’ll tell you! Here are the top ten moments from SMASH you should write to your convict pen pal about!

10. Tom has a nightmare that the dress rehearsal for Bombshell goes terribly wrong AND that he woke up in a bed with EVIL ELLIS!!!! Way to just slip that in there SMASH!

9. The fog machine goes haywire right before the BIG SHOW! AHHHHHHHHH!

8. Bombshell’s dress rehearsal is less than dressed. Ivy’s negligée comes off and she gives the audience a full body shot by accident, BUT then decides to go naked AGAIN for real at the preview because everybody loved it! Surprise, surprise PERVERTS!

7. After the dress rehearsal goes well for Hitlist, Kyle has some fun. Boy-make-out VOL 2!

6. This guy is a background dancer on the show.

5. Tom gets pissed and downs a martini.

4. Jimmy has a temper tantrum and throws a pen.

3. Karen and Jimmy GO PUBLIC with their “relationship.”

2. Jimmy and Derek fight; then bring Kyle and Scott in for a BIG SWORDFIGHT!

1. Derek is pissed that Karen and Jimmy are “dating” out in public and he changes Hitlist so that Anna (2nd female lead) gets some of Karen’s songs! The show ends up being a little better overall, but what does this mean for KAREN?????!!!!!!!!

See you next week or you can see me every Thursday at 8pm at The PIT performing some musical improv! Bye SMASHIES!