First Dibs: Does Will Smith Want His Family To Be Like The Doomed Barrymore Clan?

Where will Angelina Jolie make her first post-op appearance? Which Marvel franchise is Glenn Close joining? Why does Kelly Osbourne hate Lady Gaga again???

  • In a recent interview, Will Smith cited the Barrymore clan as getting “really close to what I see in my head for my family.” We have to assume he means their professional success and not their substance abuse issues, mental health problems and mostly tragic ends. [ABC News]
  • Angelina Jolie is reportedly set to make her first post-mastectomy appearance this weekend. She’ll be on Brad Pitt’s arm to help support the London premiere of World War Z. [Daily Mail]
  • Academy Award winner Glenn Close is set to join Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Close would play the head of Nova Corps, the intergalactic space patrol. [Deadline]
  • Kelly Osbourne is bringing up her beef with Lady Gaga again. See, she’s mad because Gaga let her fans bully Osbourne after Osbourne critiqued Gaga for not letting Osbourne critique her. Yeah, they probably should just call the whole thing off. []

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]