True Love: Who Should Sookie Choose In The End? Vote!

Those of us who are fans of both True Blood and the Charlaine Harris Southern Vampire novels on which it is loosely based are in a bit of a weird place right now. We’re still mourning the end of the book franchise (with Dead Ever After, which came out in May), while we bounce in our seats waiting for season six to premiere on Sunday. And even weirder, now that we know who book Sookie Stackhouse chooses from among her many suitors (we won’t spoil it for you), should we anticipate that the series will end this way too? Admire Sook’s admirers for a moment, and then vote on your own favorite hunk of supernatural love.

  • Alcide

  • Ben

  • Bill

  • Eric

  • Sam

We’ve always been partial to Eric Northman, with Alcide Herveaux a close second, as much due to Alexander Skarsgard’s and Joe Manganiello’s hotness as to their character’s appeal to the telepathic waitress. But what of fairy Ben Flynn? Rob Kazinsky, the actor playing the new guy entering the market this season, told VH1 he hopes fans of the vampires and werewolves will give him a chance.

“I really hope that the [Stephen] Moyer and the Skarsgard and the Alcide teams don’t hate me too much and kind of get behind it,” he said of this new match. “Because if they do, they might be pleasantly surprised by what happens.”

So whose team are you on in the war for Sookie’s heart? Cast your vote here!