Kim Kardashian Reacts To The Kanye West Cheating Rumors

Yesterday The Gossip Table debunked the Kanye West cheating rumors, and today Chloe Melas has Kim Kardashian’s reaction to all of this. According to Kardashian’s best friend, Jonathan Cheban, the reality star has laughed off the rumors.

While Leyla Ghobadi continues to defend her story, Cheban tells Melas that Kim and Kanye spent the evening in question together in their hotel room. The situation for the Ghobadi to have sex with West just couldn’t have happened. Cheban also had some words for the model.

“A real model would never say she’s a swimsuit model,” Cheban says. “I didn’t think Canadians were liars.” Oh snap!

Which aging rapper has some career advice for Justin Bieber? The Gossip Table has the scoop!

A music icon for over 25 years, rapper LL Cool J has some sage advice for Justin Bieber. Chloe Melas reports that LL thinks Biebs needs to chill out and take a step back. If he continues to try to hard, it will make him less cool. And this is coming from LL!