First Dibs: Is Liam Neeson Game For Taken 3?

How are Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova taking their rivalry off the tennis court and into the gossip rags? Which British royal is coming to America for a brand new start? And why is Jason Statham’s new film a “testing ground” for him?

  • Taken fans rejoice! Actor Liam Neeson is getting paid $20 million to star in a third Taken movie. [Deadline]
  • The Wimbledon final might be more than a week away, but Serena Williams and Maria Sharapova are already duking it out in the press about their personal lives. Williams has already publicly apologized for some nasty comments about Sharapova, and Sharapova is responding by spreading the rumor that Williams is currently dating a married man. [Huffington Post]
  • Prince William and Prince Harry’s royal cousin, Princess Eugenie is coming to America. The 23-year-old is moving to New York this year to work full-time at auction house Paddle8 and is determined to have a life and career independent of being royal. [Daily Mail]
  • Action star Jason Statham dropped by MTV to talk seriously about London, movie names and how his upcoming film, Redemption, was a “testing ground” for him.

[Photo Credit: 20th Century Fox]