Last Lap: Why Is Family Guy Facing A Huge Twitter Backlash?

Oprah Winfrey comes clean about who frightened her on the set of a film, Jennifer Lawrence was awesome even in middle school, and a Catching Fire star talks about her character’s emotional plot arc.

  • Beware, there are spoilers ahead. On last night’s episode of Family Guy, a beloved character met his end. The Griffins said goodbye to their martini-swilling dog, Brian. But it doesn’t seem fans were willing to let him go, as they took to Twitter to express sadness and anger. There’s now even a petition to bring back Brian. [Lost Remote]
  • With all the barriers she’s broken down, it’s hard to believe anyone could make Oprah Winfrey shake in her boots. But she admitted that on the set of The Color Purple, Steven Spielberg “terrified” her. If nothing else, it pushed her to deliver an amazing performance in the film! [E!]
  • It turns out that Jennifer Lawrence’s quirky presence goes back to her middle school days. A Reddit user posted a pic of J. Law in her early teens in one of the most amazing classroom photos ever. [Huffington Post]
  • And speaking of the Hunger Games star, MTV speaks with another one of the film series’ cast members and her character’s arc in a moving tale of love. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Fox]