Channing Tatum, Ian Somerhalder + More Hot Guys Holding Puppies

  • Channing Tatum

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  • Zach Gilford

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  • Aaron Paul

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  • Chord Overstreet

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  • Colton Haynes

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  • Usher

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  • John Stamos

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  • John Legend

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  • Tyler Posey

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  • Ian Somerhalder

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  • Nick Jonas

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  • Brody Jenner

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  • Willie Geist

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  • David Beckham

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  • Josh Hutcherson

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  • Matthew McConaughey

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It’s been pseudo-scientifically proven over time that a dog of any size can make a handsome dude look even hotter. A dog is a man’s best friend, after all, and the juxtaposition between the fuzziness of said animal and the raw animal magnetism these fine stars exude on stage and screen. Maybe it’s the way in which they care for another living thing, and the hope that if they can be that sweet to a dog, then they’d totally sweep you off your feet if you ever met IRL. And remember to call your mother on her birthday… or something. Not that we’ve thought about it a lot. Really, we swear.

The frigid temperatures have had us all crawling under of small village of blankets, vowing never to see the light of day ever again. But wait! Hot guys with adorable doggies give us more than a few reasons to go out into the real world. Or at least so far as our computers. Whether it’s Channing Tatum encouraging a miniature furball to sip from his cup (oh, to be that spoon!) or Ian Somerhalder giving his pet some serious sexy eye, a man who loves dogs is something to marvel.

Warm up this weekend with a scrumptious selection of hot guys and some super adorable canines. They aren’t all dogs… except the ones that actually are.

PS – The only thing cuter than Channing Tatum with a puppy is his bromance with Jonah Hill.