SCORE! Vote For The Hottest Wives And Girlfriends Of Super Bowl XLVIII

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We’re not huge sports people, but we’ve been hearing talk about a big football game coming up? Yes, Super Bowl XLVIII (and VH1’s Super Bowl Blitz concert series!) is nearly upon us, and we’re told that it’s a pretty big deal. But regardless of who wins the ol’ pigskin match next weekend, we know that everybody on the Denver Broncos and Seattle Seahawks are winners. Why’s that? Because they all have ridiculously gorgeous wives and girlfriends! Even if they get utterly destroyed on the field, at least they still have those loving (and buff) arms to come home to…

Case in point, just look at the Broncos’ own Wes Welker, who is wed to beauty pageant queen (and 2005 Miss Hooters winner) Anna Burns. Seahawk Anthony McCoy is married to the adorable Ashley, and Bronco’s wide-reciever Eric Decker is married to the smokin’ singer/songwriter Jessie James. There are almost too many lovely ladies to count, but we made a gallery of the ones that have scored touchdowns in our hearts. Head up above to check it out, and then sound off in our poll. We’ll reveal the real Super Bowl winners on Sunday!

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