Best Week Ever Interviews Bloodthirsty Babes Zoey Deutch And Lucy Fry

Between keeping up with the insane style trends of the popular clique and trying to memorize Middle Eastern history, high school is beyond torturous. Which is why we can’t even begin to fathom having to go through the monotony of school while also learning how to fight and suck like a vampire. Lukcily, Zoey Deutch and Lucy Fry, stars of the upcoming Vampire Academy, are stopping by Best Week Ever to give us a glimpse into their dark and complex world.

In the sneak peak above, the actresses attempt to discuss the bloodthirsty details of their popular YA adaptation (in theaters Friday) in 30 seconds or less. That means there’s no time to repeat the title, ladies! Just cut to the chase and tell us if we can expect naked touching. (We only leave our house in the winter for the hope of naked touching.)

Check out the exclusive clip to find out what kind of bloodsucking shenanigans these students get up to in the film. And don’t forget to catch an all-new episode of BWE on Friday, February 7 at 10/9 C.