First Dibs: How Does Martha Stewart Keep It Clean When She’s Doing The Dirty?

What really happened with Andrew Garfield and Batkid? Did Jennifer Lawrence try to stop Shailene Woodley from starring in Divergent? What will you find at Jeff Goldblum’s new restaurant?

  • We always knew Martha Stewart was the queen of clean, but now we know how she keeps it fresh when she gets down and dirty. The domestic goddess revealed in a Reddit AMA yesterday that she “always take[s] a bath before and after [sex].” [Daily Mail]
  • The Andrew Garfield/Oscars situation has a whole new wrinkle. Apparently, Garfield was pissed off at the Academy because they axed the segment with Miles “Batkid” Scott and made a point to take Batkid to Disneyland. So, now people are asking why the Academy would cause such a scandal by cutting Batkid and blaming Garfield. [People]
  • Shailene Woodley only agreed to star in Divergent because Jennifer Lawrence convinced her to do it. Woodley was reticent to sign on to a franchise, but Lawrence told her, “You must do it.” [US Magazine]
  • Are you a big Jeff Goldblum fan? Well, buckle up because the actor has just opened a new restaurant called “Goldblum’s,” where everything is all Jeff Goldblum all the time. [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty Images]