The Definition Of Hot Mess: VH1’s Worst-Dressed Celebrites In Hollywood

Here at VH1, we love everything about celebrities. We love following their careers, dishing on their scandalous love lives and we absolutely adore it when they show up on a red carpet looking like a hot mess! So, in honor of our all-time least favorite fashions, we’re counting down the worst-dressed celebs in Hollywood today.

  • kerry washington

  • jennifer hudson

  • angela simmons

  • sarah jessica parker

  • kaley cuoco

  • adam sandler

  • jennifer lopez

  • johnny knoxville

  • Ke$ha

  • helena bonham carter

  • katy perry

  • kristen wiig

  • lady gaga

  • miley cyrus

  • heidi klum

  • kim kardashian

  • rita ora

  • redfoo

  • lena dunham

  • bjork

Since VH1 launched its Celebrity site, we’ve kept a close eye on all of the horrific fashions that stars wear out in public. Whether we’re judging the week’s worst-dressed stars or rounding up the most ruinous looks at the Academy Awards, we’ve kept a tight tally on which stars know how to dress to impress and which always look like a mess.

We’ve gone through all of our worst-dressed lists to give you the 20 worst-dressed celebrities. Some of them, like Miley Cyrus and Lena Dunham can’t seem to catch a break on the red carpet. (It’s almost like they’re purposely dressing poorly so that they get more press!) While others, like Kim Kardashian, took major fashion risks that failed. Maybe it’s schadenfreude, or maybe it’s just good old fashioned shade, but we can’t get enough of celebrity fashion disasters.

[Photo Credit: Getty Images/Splash News]