Like All Normal Human Beings, Zach Woods Is In Awe Of Friday Night Lights Star Zach Gilford

Zach Woods is one of the stars of HBO’s freshman comedy, Silicon Valley. But he’s also a human being with a capacity to love, access to quality television and just the right amount of compassion. Of course he’s a Friday Night Lights fan.

In addition to learning about how he abstains for almost all technology while playing a genuine tech geek in Palo Alto, we quizzed the funny guy on other notable men who share his first name. From High School Musical stars to television doctors turned unofficial Kickstarter spokesmen and fried chicken-loving country singers, “Zach” has a strong history in pop culture. But only No. 7 can be the “best in the biz.” Sure, Matt Saracen is a fictional character portrayed by Zach Gilford, but we’re positive that the actor is just as decent, kind and hard-working as his FNL counterpart.

So what does he really think of Zac Efron, Zack Morris and Zac Brown? Check out the video above to find out.