BEST MEME OF 2014: The Greatest Luigi Death Stare Videos From Mario Kart 8

Video game fans rejoiced last week when Nintendo released Mario Kart 8, the latest installment of the beloved racing franchise. But soon their joy turned to full-on terror as they looked into the cold, ruthless, unforgiving eyes of Mario’s green jump-suited brother, Luigi. The menacing gaze he wears throughout game play is the stuff that nightmares are made of, and will likely be the last thing you see before a shell or banana shuts you down for good. He used to seem like such an easy going plumber, but you do NOT want to f-ck with this time around around Rainbow Road. Is he trying to step out from the shadow of his more-famous sibling?

A few gamers have tangoed with him and miraculously lived to tell the tale, capturing valuable footage of the monster up close. His death stare is so intense that it has rapidly become an internet sensation, leading to a slew of fan vids that are as hilarious as they are scary. Read on for a dozen of our very favorite! Let it serve as a warning: do not cross him. In the wise words of YouTube user Circuitfry, the year of Luigi never ends.

1. The Original

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