Last Lap: Jarvis And Cee Lo Stick It To The Man

Truths are revealed about Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s new book, Shia LaBeouf is spotted outside of a rehab center and lucky for us, Zac Efron table dancing to “Wiggle” was caught on camera.

  • Leave it to Jarvis to get a big time celebrity like Cee Lo Green to crack up. Cee Lo has his fist in the air, and he means it! Watch as Jarvis recites alongside the superstar during Jarvis in the Elevator tomorrow at noon on!
  • While Kendall and Kylie Jenner have done many things to earn their entrepreneurial success, giving Shakespeare a run for his money may not be one of them. The sisters (18 and 16) have just released their first young adult novel Rebels: City of Indra, and most likely didn’t put pen to paper, at least for it’s entirety. It’s very likely that the girls, like other celebrities, used a celebrity ghostwriter, who gets paid anywhere between $20,000 and $40,000 to well, write most of their book. [Entertainment Weekly]
  • Things aren’t as cheery for Shia LaBeouf as they were in his Disney days… The actor was seen outside of a “celebrity-frequented” rehab facility yesterday. After a series of unfortunate events regarding Shia’s (27) bizarre behavior, it doesn’t come to much surprise he may be seeking help. Although it hasn’t yet been confirmed that he’s checked into rehab, we hope that he gets better soon. [NY Daily News]
  • If you have the mid-week blues, this will surely cheer you right up. The hunky Zac Efron has gone from dancing in cafeterias in High School Musical to dancing on tables. While vacationing in Italy, the actor was joined by pals in a choreographed dance to Jason Derulo’s new single “Wiggle” and yes, it was posted to Instagram. There’s more where that came from too… [MTV News]

[Photo Credit: Getty]

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