Intimidating Hollywood Sharks That Haunted Our Dreams Long Before Sharknado

With a nightmarish take on extreme weather, last year’s Sharknado got our vote for best shark movie of all-time. With its sequel — creatively titled Sharknado 2: The Second One — premiering tonight, it’s time to look at the scariest sharks to roam the streets of Hollywood.

In movie world, the second installment typically means whatever preexisting villain there is will be back, and badder than ever. For stars Ian Ziering and Tara Reid, this means the freak hurricane that rocked the West Coast, causing sharks to wind up on land has moved east to New York City. But is the sharknado that aims to destroy all of midtown Manhattan the most intimidating fish ever, or simply a monster that wants to share a Peach Pit burger with Steve Sanders? Before you tune in, check out of list of pop culture sharks much more intimidating than the monstrosity set to terrorize your television screens.

Bruce from Jaws

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Haunting our beach vacations since 1975.

Bruce from Finding Nemo

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While one too many evil witches have taught us that not all animated characters are friendly, Bruce is hardly scary once you get to know him — as long as you agree with his Fish Are Friends Not Food mantra.

Land Shark

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Chevy Chase in a shark costume? Sometimes the simplest sketches are the most enjoyable. For every writer tasked with making something funny after Saturday Night Live’s inaugural season, this was difficult to top.

The Shark from Deep Blue Sea

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