Who’s The Hottest Celebrity Brother?

If you’ve fantasized about one of them, two of them, or all of them together, you’re not alone. They’re Hollywood brothers. And at one point or another, they’ve made us thank our lucky stars that talent and good looks can come in multiple forms.

We may find ourselves comparing sexy siblings that are in the spotlight, such as Casey and Ben AffleckShawn and Marlon Wayans and the Jonas brothers. But don’t be fooled, there are often times yet another brother in the family we don’t know about, and sometimes, they’re even the hottest. Take a look at these sets of hunky Hollywood bros and see who we thought lucked out by scoring the most attractive genes in the family.


The Franco Brothers

Dave Franco: The gorgeous Neighbors star reminds us of a modern day James Dean. Anyone?

James Franco: This Franco brother made our hearts melt in his Tristan and Isolde and Whatever it Takes days, but we’re worried he’s not holding up as well in his old age.

The hottest brother is…

Dave Franco! Why? Dave’s eyes are open most of the time unlike his older bro’s, which is half the battle. We also wouldn’t mind looking at his smile all day, every day, forever.

Next: The Wayans Brothers

Damon Wayans: You can’t help but love Damon’s smile, that’s clearly been passed down to his son, Damon Wayans, Jr.

Marlon Wayans: Funny is sexy in our book, and just like his bros, Marlon brings the funny.

Shawn Wayans: Chiseled with a strong jawline and side smirk is a combo that’s almost too hot to handle.

The hottest brother is…

Shawn Wayans! Why? We saw his bod and dance moves in Scary Movie. And we liked it.

Next: The Jonas Brothers

Nick Jonas: He may be the youngest, but why would we let that get in our way?

Kevin Jonas: Seeing Kevin hold his new baby girl Alena Rose is everything. A DILF, for sure.

Joe Jonas: He’s scored A-list girlfriends like Taylor Swift and Ashley Greene, and we think his eyes and dark, luscious locks may have something to do with that.

The hottest brother is…

Nick Jonas! Why? Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ve probably seen his recent shirtless selfie. The one that weirdly got older girls all over the world hot and bothered.

Next: The Hemsworth Brothers

Liam Hemsworth: If you weren’t ridiculously jealous of Miley Cyrus while these two were engaged, you’re just lying to yourself (and the world).

Chris Hemsworth: We would let Thor protect us any day, any time. Even when we don’t need protecting.

Luke Hemsworth: Did you even know he existed?! You’re welcome for bringing another blue-eyed Hemsworth beauty into your life.

The hottest brother is…

Chris Hemsworth! Why? Liam is rugged, Luke is pretty, and Chris is the perfect, perfect combination of the two.

Next: The Affleck Brothers

Casey Affleck: Casey may not be as widely known as his older brother, but his talent, smile, and eyes can make us forget all about Ben’s Oscar wins.

Ben Affleck: Ben has our hearts in the “boy next door” kind of way. And sometimes it’s boring being good at everything.

The hottest brother is…

Ben Affleck! Why? Like you wouldn’t love getting lost in those blue eyes?

Next: The Wilson Brothers

Owen Wilson: We didn’t think the side-swept Justin Bieber haircut would still work, but Owen rocks it.

Luke Wilson: Like this Old School actor isn’t the fraternity brother of your dreams?

Andrew Wilson: If you’re into the scruffy, lumberjack look, then ladies, he’s all yours!

The hottest brother is…

Luke Wilson! Why? Tall, dark, handsome AND funny? That’s the jackpot, right there.

Next: The Wahlberg Brothers

Donnie Wahlberg: This New Kids on the Block member’s voice sure can make the panties drop. Worked for his fiancée Jenny McCarthy, after all.

Mark Wahlberg: When he kicks up the Boston accent, we can’t help but want to listen for days.

The hottest brother is…

Mark Wahlberg! Why? Because he’s this beautiful creature.

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