Get Lourdes Leon’s Black Bikini, Lea Michele’s Beach Waves and More in This Week’s Celebrity Shopping List

  • Lourdes Leon

    [Photos: Splash News, Victoria’s Secret]
  • Taylor Swift

    [Photos: Getty Images, DKNY]

  • Lea Michele

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  • Beyonce

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  • Katie Holmes

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  • Kim Kardashian

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  • Jessica Alba

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  • Rita Ora

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  • Jennifer Lopez

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  • Emmy Rossum

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This was a charged week in politics and celebrity news, but on the fashion side of things? Hot, hot, and more hot. From the Teen Choice Awards (well, hello, Jennifer Lopez, in your lace emerald skater dress) to the green room at Watch What Happens Live (Kimmy K. in a scandalous maroon number), the superstar set brought their A-game.

If you can’t help but covet Madonna’s daughter’s LBB (Little Black Bikini) or Lea Michele’s beachy summer waves, check out our 10 favorite looks of the week — and how to steal their fashion and beauty styles for less!

[Photos: Splash News, Victoria’s Secret]

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