Do Celebrities Leak Their Own Nude Photos?

It’s almost comical when celebrities act shocked to learn their nude photos have hit the Internet. It’s the 21st century, people! You should know by now that if you don’t want your goodies out there for the world to see you probably shouldn’t take the pics to begin with. Whether actors or singers, males or females, even if you’re Jennifer Lawrence, no celebrity is safe from their private photos being spread.

Since no one is really that fazed by nude photo news anymore, it makes us wonder who — if any stars — are leaking their own scandalous assets to gain a little buzz. Maybe the High School Musical franchise wasn’t enough to meet a young Vanessa Hudgen’s need for attention? We’re equally convinced that Kanye West’s dick pic was a brilliant marketing strategy, as is everything Kanye does in life. We’re here to break down the history of “leaked” celebrity nude photos and help you decide whether or not they were in fact purposely put out into the world.

Paris Hilton, 2005

Leaked on purpose? No. In 2005, the avalanche of what would be nude celebrity photos taking over the Internet began when hotel heiress Hilton had her Sidekick (whoa, throwback) hacked. The culprit apparently also posted many of her A-list friends’ contact information. Seems like Paris didn’t leak the photos herself, but she couldn’t have cared much since everyone had spent A Night in Paris a year prior.

Vanessa Hudgens, 2007

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. At 18, the one-time Disney darling lost her kid-friendly status when a nude photo leaked. Her rep confirmed the photo, taken privately in her bedroom, was indeed of Vanessa, saying, “It is unfortunate this has become public.” At the time, she was negotiating her contract for the third High School Musical film. So would she risk losing the lucrative part just to give everyone to get a peak at her goodies? Possibly.

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Adrienne Bailon, 2008

Leaked on purpose? Yes. This Cheetah Girl showed her true spots when racy bedroom (or, what looked like a hotel room) photos were leaked from her laptop, according to her spokesperson. Although she prepped for a lawsuit, many believe that the photos — allegedly meant for ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian — were actually supposed to spread on the Internet after the founder of JJ’s Dirt Website, Jonathan Jaxson, claimed he leaked the photos with the actress on purpose. Believe what you will…

Cassie, 2009

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. The singer’s response (via Twitter) to the leak of her topless photos consisted of the following: “It seems that someone has hacked into my computer. That’s real foul and evil. Now stop acting like you haven’t seen a titty before.” She also took to her blog to say, “The photos were never intended for the world to see… At the end of the day breasts and breasts… people need to grow up, let’s move on.” Why so nonchalant, Cassie?

Rihanna, 2009

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. RiRi is notorious for being open about her sexuality and cake, cake, cake. Sources say someone under the alias name Young Turk leaked the photos online. When the pop diva found out, she responded by saying, “They were for my boyfriend at the time. If you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.” Do we think she leaked them on purpose? Maybe. But did she care that they were out there? ABSOLUTELY not.

Ashley Greene, 2009

Leaked on purpose? No. The Twilight star confirmed the nude photos of her were real, when she lawyered up: “The photos in question, which appear to be of our client, are illegal and are being unlawfully displayed. Our client intends to take legal action,” said her reps. Her people also told Perez Hilton that “Ms. Greene is the owner of the copyrights in these photos, and as copyright owner, Ms. Greene owns the exclusive rights, among others, to reproduce, distribute, and to display the photos.” The starlet should’ve known that “copyright owner” or not, nothing remains private in the age of the Internet.

Kanye West, 2010

Leaked on purpose? Yes. We know Yeezy is a lot of things, but shy is not one of them. This also holds true when it comes to his body. When asked about his leaked dick pics on Funkmaster Flex’s radio show, he followed up by laughing: “Man have you heard the first line of ’Runaway’?” The My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy song in question refers to Yeezy sending dick pics (“She find pictures in my email/I sent this girl a picture of my dick”). The rapper was not at all concerned about the leak, and even expressed that they didn’t do him justice: “You cannot imagine how disappointed I was that I got cut off. [Laughs] I was like ahhhhhh…” Likely story, Kanye.

Ke$ha, 2010

Leaked on purpose? Yes. It’s no secret this wild child is open about sex. Nude photos of her laying on a bed, with what looks like man juice on her, leaked in 2010, and no one was that surprised. But she wasn’t done just yet. In 2012, Ke$ha took her hit “Blow” extremely literally in a graphic photo of her performing oral sex. For many, it wasn’t a shock that the free-spirited singer documented herself going downtown.

Christina Aguilera, 2010

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. Leaked photos of Christina wearing nothing but pasties and jewelry were supposedly “meant for her stylist,” according to her rep. The singer’s spokesperson stated: “The photos were illegally obtained by a hacker who tapped into Christina’s personal stylist’s account. The photos were taken in the privacy of Ms. Aguilera’s home and were used only in a personal exchange between the star and her stylist.” Wait, why is Christina sending racy, almost-nude photos with seductive poses to her stylist again? Seems like something is missing here.

Hayley Williams, 2010

Leaked on purpose? Yes. Ain’t it fun when a topless photo appears, and then quickly disappears from a celebrity’s Twitter account? This photo of Paramore front woman Hayley Williams that was “accidentally” tweeted was definitely her — since she quickly took to Twitter to say, “well … my night just changed drastically. got hacked.” Later she thanked her fans and followers for their support. The spokesperson for the band’s label had no comment. Awkward.

Kat Dennings, 2010

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. Nude photos taken by Kat in a bedroom were released in 2010, around the time she was known for her role in Nick and Nora’s Infinite Playlist. Two years later, different photos from the same session resurfaced online, allegedly hacked from her cell phone. If the actress didn’t want nude photos to get out again, don’t you think she and her representatives would take legal action, or precautions to make sure it wouldn’t happen?

Jessica Alba, 2010

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. Cell phone pics of the topless actress were leaked online while she was in the beginning stages of her pregnancy with daughter Honor Marie. She’s publicly called herself a “prude” but these revealing pictures prove otherwise. Some argue that these pictures were an act of desperation at a time when the actress may of felt her fame was slipping away. As far as we know, there wasn’t any legal action taken when these leaked, so we wouldn’t be surprised to learn if Ms. Alba wanted the world to see her in a whole new light.

Chris Brown, 2011

Leaked on purpose? Yes. When photos of naked Chris and his third leg swarmed the Internet, the rapper finally came out about the matter, openly saying he was “fresh out the shower one day and decided to treat a lady friend to a sneak peek of his goodies.” In an interview, Chris had fun with the topic, stating he isn’t ashamed of his body and doesn’t regret taking the picture. He tries to act semi-embarrassed in the interview, but we’re calling his bluff right here and now since it’s obvious Chris wanted us to see what he’s packing.

Amber Rose, 2011

Leaked on purpose? Yes. Apparently, someone the model “trusted” leaked nude photos of her, some of which show Rose touching herself. The photos were used by a media outlet that claimed she was sending them to Safaree Samuels (Nicki Minaj’s boyfriend at the time), while Rose was dating Wiz Khalifa. Both stars denied this being true, and when the photos leaked, Rose took to Twitter to express her despair: “The company that I was working with no longer wants to work with me because of these pics and that prevents me from getting money to take care of my family.” However, later she clarified that she wasn’t dropped from her modeling agency. Sketchy much?

Olivia Munn, 2012

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. When alleged photos of a naked Olivia Munn leaked, the actress headed to Twitter to make a witty joke. Following the response, the Newsroom actress wrote a letter for The Babymakers director Jay Chandrasekhar to read at the SXSW screening she couldn’t attend, saying: “Some of those pictures weren’t even me. I mean, you can’t even see my penis… and it’s pretty big for an Asian. Sheesh.” Sooo, anyone else confused?

Snooki, 2012

Leaked on purpose? No. Fake, nude photos of The Jersey Shore star had been “leaked” before, but lo and behold, other graphic pictures of her were eventually made public, and they were very real. Her spokesperson confirmed that the “[o]ld and personal photos were not meant for the public. It’s a shame someone decided to leak them for obvious personal gain.”

Heather Morris, 2012

Leaked on purpose? Maybe. This Glee star danced her way to the nude celeb list when full frontal nudes, along with photos of her in some of her Glee costumes, were stolen from her phone. When “tasteful” nude modeling photos of her surfaced two years prior, she said, “I kind of thought it might happen.” Props to Morris for being comfortable, and then some, in her own skin.

Dylan Sprouse, 2013 

Leaked on purpose? Yes. Although Dylan’s full frontals were allegedly leaked, we think he was determined to give us a look at something we definitely wouldn’t have seen on Disney’s Suite Life. Apparently, his ex-girlfriend was responsible for the original leak of Dylan’s photos. However, even more photos eventually surfaced that show him letting his man parts fall. (Like, no hands are there to cover them.) In response, he tweeted a series of statements, including: “Whoops, guess I’m not 14 and fat anymore,” “I messed up… but I’d be a fool not to own up to it. Got to move past it I suppose,” and “At least you can’t see my third testicle.”

Jill Scott, 2014

Leaked on purpose? No. Jill’s name was trending on Twitter after topless photos and images of her bottomless in a bath robe were leaked on the Internet. She then addressed the chaos on Twitter with the comments below. We really hope she wouldn’t leak her own photos for the sake of our news feeds, or to make headlines with a Twitter rant way above 140 characters.


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