See The Derek Jeter Ad That’s Making Grown Men Cry
New York Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter has 11 games left in his professional career. After 20 years in major league baseball, he’s been given a first-class sendoff throughout his final season including moving tributes from opposing teams (and crabs). And now he’s teaming up with another New York legend to make you cry.

After Jordan’s moving RE2PECT ad went viral in July, Gatorade is pushing things even further by placing the shortstop in the Bronx neighborhood he’s called home since 1995. During a symbolic walk to work, Jeter greets the River Avenue fans who have been cheering for him all these years while the sounds of Frank Sinatra’s “My Way” play in the background. (You know, that one song that really gets you.) He finally makes it to ballpark adjacent Stan’s Sports Bar — even though he was never formally invited — and signs a piece of the bar that will no doubt become priceless memorabilia for generations to come. It’s a classy way to go out, and much better than submitting yourself to yet another one of LeBron’s Samsung commercials.

Thanks to Gatorade, Jeter, and Sinatra for helping us get a little release this morning. And kudos to baseball fans who aren’t afraid to admit to crying over something other than their Fantasy league.