Shia LaBeouf Does Deep Stretches in Purple Leggings for Performance Art

It was only a month ago when Shia LaBeouf was spotted fresh out of rehab in some brightly colored Lycra leggings alongside his girlfriend Mia Goth. Now the actor is back in the same running gear for a “meta” experience that took place outside Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam.

The actor ran a #Metamarathon, which had him circling the same museum until he completed 26.8 miles.

The event was not limited to LaBeouf. According to E! Online, participants were encouraged to run with him, on his behalf or make him run even more. All of this was part of the museum’s larger performance art symposium. The actor has performed public art pieces in the past, most recently #IAMSORRY in Los Angeles in February, following the plagiarism scandal surrounding a short film he had directed.

This is the actor’s first public performance since he got into legal trouble for disrupting a performance of Cabaret in New York City in June. Shortly after that, he began outpatient rehab for alcohol abuse. On September 10 LaBeouf pled guilty to disorderly conduct stemming from the Cabaret incident, and was sentenced to three more months of alcohol-abuse treatment.

[Photo Credit: Corbis, Splash News]