Warning: If You Have Sex in a Horror Movie You’ll Probably Die (NSFW)

We can all agree that every aspect of a horror movie is so beyond extreme. And by every, we mean the sex and the gore — things that are polar opposites, but paired together as a horror flick hallmarks. But what’s the point of the completely random scenes of moaning and bare boobs in these terrifying scenarios? Is it to act as relief (literally) from the scariness? To build suspense? To be the most undercover form of birth control ever?

We may not ever truly figure it out, but until we do, we recommend you don’t have sex when a psycho killer is outside your door, in the woods, or under your bed. Sadly, getting down to business in a horror flick is almost always a sign that your time is done. After taking a look at sex scenes from movies like Friday the 13th and Jason Goes to Hell, unplanned pregnancy will quickly become the most desirable outcome of your sexcapades.

Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday (1993) 

Having sex in the woods is just a bad idea to begin with. If the mysterious animals and bugs aren’t enough to creep you out, the psycho killer should be. One minute you’re moaning in pleasure, the next you’re cut in half. When you play, you pay, right?

Cabin Fever (2002)

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