The Ultimate Guide To Seeing Movies Over Thanksgiving Weekend 2014

As you prepare to enter a well-deserved food coma this Thanksgiving, it’s important to have a game plan for entertaining the different groups of people who will be forcing you to sleep on the couch. From your children to those pesky in-laws and even reunited siblings, we have the perfect solution to your, “How am I going to deal with these people?!” crisis: Movies.

It seems obvious, but people tend to forget movie theaters are open on holidays. So, when you can’t deal with Uncle David complaining about his neighbor or your brother pestering you about visiting more, take them to one of the many films out this month, and enjoy some silent bonding (the best type of bonding in our humble opinion).

Below, we’ve provided the go-to movie for practically every situation that will come up this Turkey Day. Keep this list handy, folks. Trust us: You’ll need it.

Your in-laws are driving  you insane: Horrible Bosses 2

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