Rachel McAdams Is About to Have Her Best Damn Year Since 2005

We’re going to take you back to the age-old days of 2005. Remember those? A fresh-as-a-daisy actress named Rachel McAdams was coming off the success of two epic movies (Mean Girls and The Notebook) and headed for perhaps the most successful year of her career (Red Eye, Wedding Crashers, and The Family Stone all premiered in 2005). Until now. It took McAdams exactly a decade, and a few missteps (The Time Traveler’s Wife, anyone?), but she’s back and better than ever.

With five movies set for this year, McAdams will be quite the busy mean girl. And we’re all for it! McAdams is one of the most underrated actresses around, so we’re thrilled to see a lot of her in 2015. Let’s break down the reasons why 2015 will be the year of Rachel.

She will star in the second season of True Detective.

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