Jessica Lange Shading Lady Gaga Is Why the Internet Was Created

“Shade” is not a word on my radar, and I don’t care when people throw it or get it. (Peace and love and butterflies all day, guys). But this clip of Jessica Lange literally rejecting the thought of Lady Gaga with her body, is the best thing I’ve seen in my 24 years of life.

The American Horror Story goddess broke our hearts when confirming she won’t return for season 5. And sorry, but if you thought Gaga getting cast would convince her to stay you’re completely mistaken. At the AHS PaleyFest panel, moderator Tim Stack asked Lange as much when she almost started convulsing, only to reply, “What does that mean? I don’t understand the question.” Not a very good week for Gaga, huh?

This is how it went down. First was utter disbelief. “Did this guy really just go there?”

Then came the realization that yep, he did.

She tried really hard not to throw up in her mouth.

And attempted to give an answer.

But nope. Nothing could come out. Not a single thing.

Jessica Lange is not one of Gaga’s little monsters.

The best part of it all was Sarah Paulson’s reaction (on the far right).

Fuck, it’s all just too good and these pictures don’t do it justice. Watch Lange’s incredible reaction, and continue to bow down to the queen, below.


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