19 Times Kylie Jenner Tried Too Hard on Instagram

With so many famous family members, it's no wonder Kylie is trying to stand out on social media.
  • 1
    That crop top doesn’t look like it can support much more. What’s the point of even wearing that button-down?

  • 2
    Best lip lining abilities of the year goes to none other than: Kylie Jenner. Baby Jenner may have tried too hard on Instagram this year, but at least she tried, right?

  • 3
    That moment when you see your reflection and think, “Damn, I look good.” Or, in Kylie’s case, “I gotta post this to Instagram ASAP.”

  • 4
    Kylie is sporting over $40,000 worth of Cartier jewelry in this photo. One commenter notes that that’s more than her tuition. And take a look at those intense claws!

  • 5
    Here she is wondering whether or not she should unbutton her shirt a little for this selfie. Less (clothing) is more (skin), Kylie.

  • 6
    Is Kylie aware that her bra is playing peek-a-boo with her shirt? Probably. Does she care? Nope.

  • 7
    Just snapping a selfie while waiting in her car. It’s no mistake that she managed to barely capture that Bentley logo, too.

  • 8
    Staring into the woods makes Kylie… wish her shorts were shorter?

  • 9
    Here she is rocking sex hair and a leather jacket while mastering the perfect pout. Take a seat in that chair and relax, Kylie.

  • 10
    Black lips, black hair, and a black shirt. Is she trying to be Lorde?

  • 11
    Kylie, we know you want to show off your abs and your thigh gap, but this pic screams “too much.”

  • 12
    Kylie makes Miley Cyrus’ leotards look tame in this picture. Where’s Miley when you need her?

  • 13
    Is this an ad for Brandy Melville? Nope. It’s just Kylie Jenner on Instagram.

  • 14
    She may or may not be naked in this one. Fingers crossed she’s wearing a strapless dress!

  • 15
    Here she is mastering that signature Kardashian booty pic. Is this really what 17-year-olds do these days?

  • 16
    Oh, and one more booty pic on the sidewalk with this pole….because that’s what everyone thinks to do when they see a pole on the sidewalk.

  • 17
    Did everyone notice her sharpie tattoo? Okay, good. You can put your shirt back down now, Kylie.

  • 18
    Did we mention Kylie does the most on Instagram?

  • 19
    Pretty soon, it might be Kylie’s butt that breaks the internet.