You Can Barely Recognize Khloe Kardashian (or Kim) in These Throwback Photos

Look back on pictures of Khloe from years gone by and see how the tallest Kardashian sister was totally different person.

The Kardashians have probably had the most dramatic image reinvention of any other high-profile celebrity family. While Paris Hilton is still getting around in orange spray tans and super mini-skirts and crop tops — she’s STILL rocking that belly ring, too — the Kardashians have matured and embraced “high” fashion. And no one has transformed more over the years than Khloe, the little sister who went from club bunny bombshell to a statuesque fashion icon.

  • 1 Khloe and Kim
    Getty Images
    Back in the day, they were just two regular L.A. gals…

  • 2 With that mean early ’90s ’do
    Kim has changed a lot, sure, but she’s always been recognizable. Between childhood and adulthood, Khloe has definitely become the least recognizable of the Kardashians.

  • 3 In this matchy-matchy family outfit
    Even during puberty, Khloe was like a different person. Here, Kourtney and Kim are both definitely Kourtney and Kim, but Khloe looks like some stray that’s since been replaced with an impostor. She’s one of those rare but wonderful children who grows into a totally separate adult.

  • 4 As “Ibiza Kardashian”
    Kim and Kourtney embrace early-’00s Ibiza gauche pool side style with mystery friend.

  • 5 In maybe her hottest look ever
    Getty Images
    We’re not saying Khloe isn’t a hot babe now, but this look might be our favorite, albeit unrecognizable, Khloe look. Sleek black hair, demure but sexy dress and pared-down makeup. Current Khloe could take some cues from this stranger.

  • 6 With mom bangs
    Getty Images
    With awkward “curtain bangs” you’d never know this was the same Khloe that walks around with Barbarella hair and attitude.

  • 7 Without her hair did
    Getty Images
    There is no way Khloe would ever step out and about these days without a full blow dry. This woman with straight, flat hair cannot possibly be Khloe Kardashian… can she?

  • 8 Pale as can be
    Getty Images
    Yes, there was a time when fake tanner was not Khloe’s crack. She’s still beautiful with much paler skin.

  • 9 Your friend from the mall
    Getty Images
    Khloe looks like your friend Chloe, who you went to meet at the mall at 2003 to shop for flare jeans.

  • 10 As “Jersey Shore” Kardashian
    Getty Images
    This woman looks like she enjoys going to super clubs where they play seminal dance hits from Sash! and Pitbull.

  • 11 As someone else entirely.
    Getty Images
    Hello, Kelly Clarkson?

  • 12 A Kourtney’s date
    Getty Images
    On Kourtney’s arm, Khloe doesn’t look a smidgeon like the Kardashian sister we love so dearly. Instead, she’s got a sort of elongated Rachel ’do going on and a Kardashian Spice outfit that we’re sure she’d cringe at today. Speaking of cringing, Kourtney has hopefully since burned that fringed dress.

  • 13 With her first face
    Getty Images
    Again, we don’t want to get too bitchy about Khloe’s face, but from this photo to now, a lot has changed. It’s like two different women!

  • 14 As officer Kardashian
    Getty Images
    Khloe’s costume renders her barely recognizable, and to be honest, if Getty Images hadn’t have tagged this photo as Khloe we’d never know it was her. [Photo: Getty Images]

  • 15 As Busy Philipps
    Getty Images
    Is it just us or does vintage Khloe in sunglasses pass for a brunette Busy Philipps?

  • 16 As Kim and Kourtney’s mystery friend… again
    Getty Images
    Or: “Kourtney and Kim’s unidentified friend candle-bombs cake, blows them out before sisters even get a chance.”

  • 17 With a smile
    Getty Images
    There’s something about Khloe’s lopsided smile in this photo that is really beautiful and natural — a lot more laid back than the glamorous Khloe of today.

  • 18 Seriously though, who is this girl Kim and Kourtney keep getting photographed with?
    Getty Images
    Dark and somber Khloe is the lost Kardashian we wish had stuck around.

  • 19 As an oompa loompa
    Getty Images
    Khloe maintains a natural glow these days, but that woman in the photo is bright orange. She obviously lent her crappy fake tan to Kim and Kourtney, too.

  • 20 Up close
    Getty Images
    Even close up, Khloe is a different person. Her features seem so much rosier, and her makeup so much more ’00s.