Road to Fame
The program takes the viewer on a personal journey from small towns to big cities from school teachers and family to screaming fans everywhere. Through the words of the artists themselves- we’ll hear about the importance of music in their lives- and the musical paths they each took to achieve success. VH1 will go back to their schools to revisit the music teachers and the stages where they first performed. VH1 will find out if their talents were already in bloom before they were really discovered. VH1 will speak with their parents about the first songs and school plays that led them to believe they had future superstars as children. New interviews along with rare photos and footage will help tell the stories that led them on their road to fame.

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December 1999
VH1 (:30 min) In "Road To Fame: Harry Connick, Jr.
Music Special", the singer and actor discusses his first musical experiences, the profound influence his parents had on his musical education and how growing up in New Orleans affected his decision to become a musician. The program visits Harry's hometown and talks to Ellis Marsalis, famed jazz artist who taught Harry while he attended the renowned New Orleans Center for Creative Arts. This episode also visits some of the local clubs where Harry performed and finds out what brought him to New York, and how he was discovered once he was there.
Behind The Music 2000, VH1, April 2, 4 am ET


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