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Diagnosing Autism

Research shows that early intervention leads to improved outcomes for children with autism. Important predictors at one year of age include impairments in looking at others or responding to one's name. Researchers are finding ways to detect these and other differences at increasingly younger ages, thereby offering opportunities for early diagnosis and interventions that can redirect the formation of pathways and neuronal responses and bring brain development back on path.

To begin intervention at the earliest possible time, there must be better methods to find the children who are at risk of developing autism. Researchers are searching for biomarkers which are less subjective physical measures, such as blood tests, that will allow for earlier and more definitive diagnosis, resulting in opportunities for prevention and targeted interventions at earlier points in development.

Autism is a biological disorder, and as such it can only be diagnosed by observing behavior. Currently, there is no medical treatment to diagnose autism.

Before pursuing an autism diagnosis, however, it is important to rule out other medical conditions and possible physical causes for an individual's behavior. Please consult a medical specialist if you have concerns about a family member or friend.

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