Ep Type Title Date
  111  Bonus Clips  Episode 11 Bonus Clips 6/27/10 
  111  Show Clips  Family Reunion Show Clips 6/27/10 
  110  Bonus Clips  Episode 10 Bonus Clips 6/20/10 
  110  Show Clips  Let's Make a Deal Show Clips 6/20/10 
  109  Bonus Clips  Episode 9 Bonus Clips 6/13/10 


  1. Date: 6/28/10

    The Norwoods head back to their small hometown of McComb, Mississippi for a family reunion complete with old stories, food, fishing, dancing and of course, music.

  2. Date: 6/21/10

    The Norwoods take the family business to the next level as Brandy and Ray J pursue record deals. Ray is handling business on his own, but Sonja has concerns about his decisions. Brandy is excited...Read Full Summary

  3. Date: 6/14/10

    Sonja spends some quality time with each of her kids, braving the wilderness on a camping trip with Brandy then visiting the old neighborhood in Carson, California where Ray grew up. The family has...Read Full Summary


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About Brandy And Ray J |

Superstar siblings Brandy and Ray J Norwood are famous for their incredible talent on the mic and on the screen. In VH1's new, one-hour episode series, Brandy and Ray J continue to take on the entertainment world. "Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business" invites their millions of fans and new audiences inside their exciting professional and personal lives. Brandy and Ray J Norwood were raised in the spotlight. Brandy blew the world away in the 90's with her soulful and angelic voice as a teenager, scoring hit after hit on the pop charts and earning her first Grammy at the age of 19. Popular for her starring role on the long running hit series "Moesha" and for her roles in films like "Cinderella" alongside Whitney Houston, Brandy quickly became a household name. Following in his older sister's footsteps, Ray J emerged onto the scene in TV shows and films at a young age and has become a power player in the music industry with platinum hits like "Sexy Can I." Ray J is also most famous for his reputation as an international Playboy having dated some of Hollywood's' hottest ladies and starring in his own hit reality series on VH1's "For the Love of Ray J."

Brandy and Ray J have the talent and the voices that have taken them to the top, but they wouldn't have made it without the guidance and management of their parents, infamous "momager" Sonja and talented musical father, Willie Norwood. In "A Family Business," we will watch the Norwood empire grow as the family joins forces to reach a higher level of success. Within the series Brandy will re-emerge into the spotlight, making headlines for her new music collaboration with powerhouse producer Timbaland. Brandy will also continue to balance stardom and personal life, emerging back into the dating scene. We'll see Ray J working on new music, teaming up with some of R&B's most popular heavyweights to record more hits. We'll watch Ray grow out of his bad boy image and step into a new role as a businessman. We'll also watch Sonja, as she strives to keep her famous family on the right track, serving as both manager and mother to her 2 super star clients, and Willie, the original "voice" of the Norwood family, continues to sing and coach incredible talent. In the midst of all this Sonja and Willie will rekindle their romance after years of focusing solely on the kids.

Despite their success and the celebrity status, the Norwoods are a typical American family, complete with feuds and comedy but most importantly lots of love. "A Family Business" will take an in depth look at Brandy, Ray J, Sonja and Willie behind the scenes, showing how this famous family has what it takes to stick together and jump all of the hurdles that come their way.