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  1. Brandy takes a new approach with her love life and Ray gears up for the biggest night of his career. But when Brandy and Ray meet up for the first time since their big fight it all comes crashing down and threatens to destroy their relationship. Can our b...  Read Full Summary »


  2. Both Brandy and Ray confide with others about their big fight while continuing to lead separate lives. Shay surprises Brandy with an alternative way to finding love that gets Brandy thinking maybe love is closer than she thinks. Ray goes to work and comes...  Read Full Summary »


  3. While busy promoting the first single off his major label debut, Ray and Brittany's relationship is hit with another major roadblock, putting their future on the rocks... again. After realizing what's going on with her brother, Brandy confronts Ray putti...  Read Full Summary »


About Brandy & Ray J: A Family Business 2

  1. Superstar siblings Brandy & Ray J Norwood are back at it again in the second season of their hit reality series, "Brandy and Ray J: A Family Business". In VH1's second installment of the 11 half-hour episode series, Brandy and Ray J continue to give the audience a deeper insight into their exciting and complicated lives in and out of the spotlight.

    As Brandy and Ray step further out on their own, Sonja will continue to step back from her day to day operations as "momager" of her famous children but will she ever be able to give up her position as top dog in the company? Professionally, Brandy has already begun working on her comeback album and is in the studio writing up new songs. She has different opportunities to help launch her reemergence and take over the music industry yet again. Personally, Brandy is looking for love but because of her star power is finding it hard to find that special someone. This season we will watch Brandy as she puts herself out there to see if she can find love -- can you say "blind date"?!!?!?? Will Brandy be able to ultimately find a guy who can handle her public persona?

    For Ray J, he's almost finished recording his highly anticipated album developed by famed producer Rodney Jerkins. With a new hit single "143" featuring Bobby Brackins spinning on radio stations across the country, Ray J is keeping his place at the top of the charts and remaining in the public eye. In his personal life, Ray J is seeing his on-again-off-again girlfriend Brittany, but the temptations of success undermine their best efforts as Ray is put into situation after situation where he has to decide between the excitement of a new fling with another drop dead gorgeous girl, or the stability of a stable relationship -- can Ray maintain his focus? For Ray, every turn calls into question if being in a relationship is the right thing for him to do.

    Despite their successes and celebrity status, the Norwoods are a typical American family complete with feuds and fun times, but most importantly, lots of love. "A Family Business" will take an in depth look at Brandy, Ray J, Sonja and Willie behind the scenes, showing how this famous family has what it takes to stick together no matter what hurdles that come their way.

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