• Erin FosterCast Member
    Erin Foster

    Having grown up in Hollywood, Erin is no stranger to the pitfalls of fame and celebrity. She longs to be known for more than her occasional hit Instagram post or the reality show she reluctantly agreed to take part in. Erin is out to prove to Hollywood’s biggest producers and creators that she’s a comedy writer to be taken seriously.

    Erin effortlessly nails interviews for potential writing gigs with everything else on her plate - just ask her manager. From keeping her sister in check to maintaining her train wreck of a search for Mr. Right (or Mr. Right-Now…) Erin has a lot to balance while ensuring the cameras catch the best of her personality.

  • Sara FosterCast Member
    Sara Foster

    Sara Foster, prominent actress (most recent credit being: the CWs cancelled 90210) and resident expert on Hollywood is poised for her on-screen comeback. Constantly feeling overshadowed by the A-List Celebrities she bumps into in her everyday life, Sara will not pass up any opportunity to get back into the spotlight because as they say, “no press is bad press.”

    From her fashion choices to her inspiring social media presence, her goal is to be seen AND heard. Now with her very own TV show, or as she likes to say, “Her Documentary Co-Starring Erin.” There’s nothing stopping Sara from charging straight for the stardom that she’s always dreamed of – except herself.