1. Wife of retired pitcher Kris Benson
    Former FHM model Anna cemented her "bad girl" status when she told Howard Stern on the air that if her husband Kris decided to cheat on her, she'd sleep with everyone on her hubby's team, from the owner down...  Read More

  2. Wife of retired All-Star 3B Matt Williams
    Erika is used to ruling the roost, with power afforded to her in the community of baseball wives as the spouse of one of its most successful players. The former news anchor's 20,000 square foot home is...  Read More

  3. Ex-wife of Kansas City catcher Jason Kendall
    A survivor of a fluctuating cycle of wealth and poverty, Chantel has seen it all. She and ex-husband Jason Kendall only recently ended their marriage after a prolonged battle to sort it all out....  Read More

  4. Ex-wife of retired 1B Mark Grace
    The eminently likeable Tanya loves to party and is an avid golfer. Tanya was a golf cart girl when she met and married famed baseball player Mark Grace, with whom she had two kids. While she still harbors...  Read More

  5. Wife of relief pitcher Ron Villone
    This self-made success started modeling in her teens and was on her own by the age of 18. She says she doesn't let anything get in her way, despite other women and wives constantly being "capital-J Jealous" of...  Read More

  6. Dated Milwaukee outfielder Nyjer Morgan
    This little bundle of dynamite is a no-frills, partying bartender who got her fill of baseball drama while dating Morgan. After enduring drinks in the face, girls showing up at her apartment, and...  Read More